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Aotearoa’s Energy Future

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Grant Thornton
152 Fanshawe St, CBD
Auckland + Google Map

About this Event

Aotearoa’s Energy Future workshop  will expand your energy literacy and explore transitional pathways to a fossil carbon free future. This will be an interactive, exploratory and educational workshop. Our goal is to help you think more critically and strategically about the future of energy and provide an opportunity to take action in your life.

  • Introduction to Energy Literacy and Sustainable Transition
    • Define energy literacy and the importance of transitioning to a fossil carbon-free future.
    • Highlight the current challenges and opportunities in the energy sector.
    • Set the tone for interactive and exploratory learning.
  • Interactive Mapping Exercise
    • Divide participants into groups
    • Assign each group a category (health, education, transport, water, food, built environment).
    • Provide a brief overview of the current energy and materials flow within each category.
    • Have groups map out easy, medium, and hard solutions to transition towards a fossil carbon-free future within their assigned category.
  • Group Presentations and Discussion
    • Each group presents their mapped solutions.
    • Facilitate discussion and feedback on the proposed solutions.
  • Action Planning
    • Guide participants in identifying actionable steps they can take in their personal or professional lives to contribute to the transition.
    • Provide resources and tools for further learning and implementation.
    • Foster a sense of empowerment and agency in driving change.
  • Reflection and Closing
    • Reflect on key insights gained during the workshop.
    • Reiterate the importance of collective action and individual responsibility.
    • Inspire participants to continue their journey towards energy literacy and sustainable living beyond the workshop.

This workshop will be interactive and participatory, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking among participants. Additionally, incorporating real-life case studies and success stories can help illustrate the feasibility and impact of transitioning to a fossil carbon-free future.

Cost: $40

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Degrowth Aotearoa/ Dark Green Aotearoa
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