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Permaculture talks | 朴门永续生存讲座

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Birkenhead Library
204a Hinemoa Street
Auckland + Google Map
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Languages: Mandarin

Diversity or Uniformity? What do you want to have for your garden? The way how we do gardening reflects our lifestyle. Based on our communities, we can achieve sustainability by adopting a wise lifestyle.

多样性还是单一化? 你的花园是那种风格?人们对花园的设计和使用方式反映了人们的生活方式。我们可以通过采取明智的生活方式来实现可持续发展。 从而预防地球生态的系统性崩溃,留给子孙后代一个富足充裕的未来。在本次研讨会上,我们将讨论以下主题:

  1. 多样性与单一性,概念
  2. 嵌入式系统
  3. 花园的功能部件
  4. 植物的选择
  5. 花园的外观 维护的策略

Presented by permaculture expert Ben Zhang. The workshop will also be held in English on 20th March.

Cost: Free

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